Professional Development of Embedded Systems

Be it testing- or measurement devices for industry automation or car electronics: our specialists in firmware development enable complex systems to run flawlessly under all circmstances.

Firmware Development: a real challenge

Embedded Systems gain more and more importance in industry automation. The reason: Embedded in devices, machines and industry plants, microcontrollers running firmware execute tasks and even more complex applications on very small footprints.

The quality requirements for firmware development are more demanding than for PC or general software dvelopment. Embedded systems very often require 24*7 unattended runtime. Another factor is the limitation of memory and processing speed in typical microcontrollers that ask for very conscious usage of resources.

Our team of firmware developers knows all the challenges and pitfalls associated with embedded software. They have a long history of programming knowledge as most of them started in the 8051 age. A perfekt match for your project.

Tailored to your needs: Embedded Software by Intrinex

From a standard microcontroller solution to highly performant real-time application: our team of experienced software engineers can implement all of your requirements.

Special deliverables

Our engineers have a strong background in implementing communication stacks. Amongst others they have successfully implemented TCP/IP, PPP, DECT, TETRA asf.

Database programming and GUI developemnt is another area of expertise. Feel free to contact us.

The base for successfully realising your project

We know from experience that a cooperation based on mutual trust is the best way for optimal results. That is why we strive for good and frequent communication to give you a high degree of transparency. We can react upon requirements changes in a flexible and quick way.

Highest quality guaranteed

Thanks to our version controlled library we can backtrace changes at any time. Before any software is released, it will have passed quality assurance. This is where all functions are being tested meticulously. The final step of the development cycle is the system integration test.

After successful realisation of your project we hand over comprehensive documentation.

Of course we can take care of the maintenance of your embedded systems. Doing so you can be sure everything is running perfectly. Anytime!

Our core competencies in Embedded Systems:

  • Embedded Software Development: from LowCost- to HighEnd-Microcontroller
  • Implementation of TCP/IP, PPP, Tetra as well as many other protocol stacks
  • Individual programming of databases and GUI
  • Complete quality assurance integration in hardware incl. system test
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Reliable service

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