First class product development according to ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA

If intrinsically safe equipment is your business, we are your number one partner in developing your products. Because of our long history in that field we can guide you throughout the whole development cycle: starting with a concept phase for product development all the way to certification.

The result: a product 100% tailored to your needs yet meeting the standards for explosion safety.

Efficient support in developing intrinsically safe devices

The special advantage performing the product development with us: Explosion safety conceptual needs are taken into account from the beginning of the concept phase. That does not only shorten the development cycle, but cuts expenses as well.

Our experience tells us that personal dedication to your project plays an important role in a development project’s ability of being successfully completed. That is why our product development cycle looks like this:

Analysis of your needs

In a joint effort with you we find out the requirements of your product as well as the applicable standards it has to fulfill (ATEX, IECEx, FM, CSA, UL etc.). If wanted, we can do a general feasibility study to give you an early estimate of doability, expected expenditures and time to market. That step minimizes the risk significantly.

Concept development for the entire product development cycle

Based on the information gained in the analysis, we develop a concept for the hardware development including the creation of a set of crisp requirements.

Realisation phase

After successful passing of the concept we conduct the electronics development process.
That phase starts with creating 3D-drawings of both the enclosure as well as the later PCBs in our CAD-system. Doing so we can guarantee for an optimal result. Optionally we can provide you with 3D prints of the later PCB and enclosure.
Good to know: all versions of the PCB-layout are kept in a versioned library to reconstruct changes that have been made. Especially helpful in complex projects. After mechanical design, usually 2 phases of electronics development take place before certification- and production readiness is accomplished.

Certification according to IECEx, ATEX, FM, CSA

After successful functional bringup of the hardware we support you in certification of your product (ATEX, IECEx, FM or CSA and others).
Before we provide you with the necessary documents, we will have done extensive pre-certification testing. We have an own temperature chamber as well as EMC pre-certification equipment. Redesign phases are limited to the necessary amount, and time to market decreases to a minimum.

Counselling for production

After successful certification your product can be manufactured according to IECEx, ATEX, FM oder CSA and be brought to market. We support you in this step as well.

Valid for each development phase: A review cycle with the client is standard before the next stage is initiated. We are able to react upon growing or just changing requirements in a flexible and quick way. Our key to giving you the best possible level of transparancy, we favor short and direct communication paths and phonecalls.

Our core competencies in product development at a glance:

  • Development of intrinsically safe equipment according to IECEx, ATEX, FM, CSA and others
  • Development of transmitters and sensors
  • Development of embedded hardware and low power hardware
  • Ex-certification of your products at the approval agencies (TUV, KEMA, PTB asf.)
  • Consulting in IECEx – compliant manufacturing of your products

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